The Advantages of Getting a Salon Blow Out in Dartmouth, MA

salon-blow-outDo you have dreams of perfect, silky smooth hair that doesn’t have a hint of damage, frizz or curl? A quick peek at any celebrity magazine or television show and you will see women with gorgeous, thick heads of hair that are shiny, smooth and pretty close to perfect. You might think that they spend thousands of dollars a month to get their hair looking that good, and in some cases you might be right, but for the most part all it takes is a couple simple treatments and you can have celebrity hair too.

The secret to all of this beautiful hair that we think we can’t have, is a treatment that has been around for several years, but has only become really popular recently. While there are lots of how-to videos and guides online that encourage people to try it at home, you might be surprised that you can get a professional salon blow out in Dartmouth at your local DeAraujo Salon for as low as $30.

What is a Salon Blow Out?
If you are unfamiliar with this process, make sure to speak with your Southeastern Massachusetts hair stylist to find out the exact way that they do the treatment, but for the most part, a blow out is pretty straight forward. Many salons begin by washing and drying the hair. Some use specific products, such as the natural line of Aveda beauty products available at your North Dartmouth hair salon, to reduce frizziness and smooth hair on the surface.

Blow drying and sealing the hair using a flat iron is usually the next step, however additional services can be added, depending on the salon. After the traditional steps for the salon blow out are performed, stylists can add curls, waves, beach waves and other extras, depending on the style that you want to achieve. It is important to go to a salon that embraces the use of all natural products instead of some of the chemical-laden treatments used in other salons.

Benefits of a Blow Out
So we already know that blow outs are the secret to all that beautiful Hollywood hair, but what you might not know is that there are other benefits that make it even more appealing. If you are considering getting a salon blow out in Dartmouth, take a look at these other benefits to see if you think this type of treatment is right for you. Check with your Southeastern Massachusetts hair stylist to find out if there are any other treatment options that you should included with your blow out service.

  • All Types – Blow out treatments are good for any type of hair. Straight, curly, wavy, dry, oily, color-treated, frizzy – whatever you’ve got going on, a salon blow out at your North Dartmouth hair salon is safe.
  • Relaxing – Getting a blow out treatment, either with the Aveda beauty products or not, can be extremely relaxing – just like a spa treatment. It feels amazing and many of the products are aroma-therapeutic, providing a fully sensory experience.
  • Conditioning – Not only will a salon blow out in Dartmouth make your hair look great, it will also improve the condition of your hair and scalp. Make sure to speak with your Southeastern Massachusetts hair stylist about the conditioning benefits associated with the treatment and products you choose to use.
  • Long-Lasting – A lot of women like to visit the salon before a big occasion or a vacation because the effects last a long time. A little bit of touch up with your Aveda beauty products, after some coaching by your stylist at the North Dartmouth salon, and you can keep it refreshed and looking good throughout the week.

Botanical Therapy Treatments
In addition to geting a salon blow out in Dartmouth at DeAraujo Salon, you can also experience the beneficial effects of our line of Aveda beauty products. Our treatment of essential oils that taps into the wisdom of Ayurveda, an Indian ancient art of healing. Create balance and health in both your scalp and your hair with our customized treatments that are based upon your own personal needs. Designed to improve dry and damaged hair, as well as unhealthy scalps, which are responsible for many common issues with hair.

Contact DeAraujo Salon to set up an appointment with one of our Southeastern Massachusetts hair stylists to talk about getting a salon blow out in Dartmouth at our popular beauty salon. Check out the full line of Aveda beauty products via our website or give us a call at 508-994-4900 to learn more about our services or to schedule an appointment.

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